Master of the World!

You instructed us to not have any chametz (leaven bread) in our homes for these auspicious eight days. These days are called "zman cheirutainu," the time of our freedom. Please bless me, and all of the holy Jewish (men and) women, that cleaning our homes will be a truly liberating process. As I work my way through the rooms of my home, bless me to work through the chambers of my heart and mind, letting go of encrusted aspects of myself that prevent me from truly being me in the world. Help me clean out the crumb-y thoughts that hold me back from truly connecting to the people I love and to You. So, so that I can truly leave Egypt, receive Your holy Torah and merit to come to the Holy Land…

Master of the Universe, grant me a strong body, health and great joy so that I can clean in honor of the holiday with thoroughness. With every single movement of spraying and scrubbing and washing and every effort may I feel, the creation of holy angels that will protect me and all of my family members and all of the Jewish people and the entire world..

Please, Master of the universe, see my efforts and deep desire to clean my home,  and in this merit may you clean me of all kinds of "Chametz", from all my negativity, anger, jealousy and sadness and from the things that hold me back so I can come closer to You and do Your will. Until I merit to have clean and pure mind, and heart to connect to You.