Elisheva Mirvis

Founding Director, Tsfat Mikveh Experience, Ma'ayan Chaim

Elisheva is a visionary educator, who has pioneered the next generation of Mikveh inspiration and education. She has founded and  established the TsfatMikvah Education Center and Experience, which has had a transformational impact on tens of thousands of Jewish women and men from around the world. She co-produced The Mikveh Movie, an artistic expression of the powerful themes and concepts that she and her talented staff have woven into the live workshops in Tsfat. 

Originally from Monsey, New York, Elisheva holds an MA in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University. She has pioneered "Midrash Machol", interpreting Jewish text through creative movement and choreography.

Elisheva lives in Tsfat with her 7 boys and two daughters, where she brews with more cutting edge programs, while bouncing a baby, cooking and dancing with the kids-all at the same time.

Natali Reiss

Natalie is an inspirational speaker, internationally acclaimed and certified life coach.​

"I get enormous joy when I share with women from all walks of life, seeing them connect to their true femininity and tap into their soul. For those few moments, we are in complete harmony- we are one."


Natalie's dream is to be able to reach as many women as possible to help them feel empowered and strong in their full femininity. "When we connect in this way, we connect from deep within, on a soul level. The outside world can not disturb that connection. We are thus free to fulfill our mission and purpose!"

Natalie is from Caracas Venezuela. She currently lives in Tzfat ,Israel, with her husband and children.


Susan Zahavi

Susan is a Dr. of Chinese Medicine, a nutritionist and a public speaker, inspiring people to live their best and healthiest life, filled with joy and meaning.


"Having overcome serious illness and other difficult circumstances, it is my pleasure to be a role model for true Emuna and joy of living. The possibilities are endless when we believe in G-d and ourselves".


Susan moved on from a successful career in healing to run a B&B here in Tzfat, where she can pamper people with great healthy food and luxuries, while they are on their personal spiritual journeys.  And when she is not at The Artists Colony Inn, or learning herself, she can be found riding her bike through the mountains or on another adventure.


Susan is from Toronto Canada.  She currently lives in the Artist Colony in Tsfat.

Orly Dayan

Orly is a dancer and movement therapist. She facilitates dance workshops, focusing her participants on the connection between the mind, the heart and the body. Through movement, she strives to strengthen healthy body image. In addition, she works with at-risk youth and their parents, using movement therapy as a healing tool. Her most recent project was a full-scale theater musical production by women, for women.  

“Everything is meant to connect our minds and our bodies. Especially as women, we need to deepen our holistic power of renewal in order to be happy. The woman is the Shechina. She has the potential to channel purity and light. When she is happy, everything around her can heal itself, and that is the greatest gift in the world.”


Orly is originally from Ramat Aviv, a suburb of Tel Aviv and lives currently in Tsfat with her husband, nine children and two grandchildren. She likes getting creative in the kitchen for Shabbat and holidays, and loves to blast the music at home for crazy dance parties with her kids.

Sara Fenton

Sara is an educator,  tour guide, writer, editor and singer-song-writer. One of her thrills is teaching Torah in the land of Israel, where Torah comes alive.

“Having truly searched for my personal truth, I have discovered that Torah is an experiential lens through which the power of our own souls, and the palpable presence of G-d can be glimpsed. Working with women, I am consistently aspiring to formulate the pearls of Torah wisdom into uniquely feminine, relatable and applicable teachings.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Sara studied world religions at McGill University, and after making aliya, continued her Jewish Education Studies at colleges in Jerusalem and Haifa.

Sara lives in Tsfat with her family, where she embarks on outdoor trips, healthy cooking and sourdough challah.

Adina Rosen

Adina is one of the founders of Maayan Chayim and the Tsfat Mikveh project.

Being one of the Women of the Waters keeps me in the consciousness of renewal. It is a gift to be part of the unfolding of the women of Israel- the daughters of the King, in real time. It means being connected to the depths of the beauty of who we are, the feminine, the indwelling presence of G-d.

Adina is originally from Oberland Park, Kansas. After studying Environmental Economics, she embarked on world travel that reflected and facilitated her own internal spiritual journey. Adina was a member of the Peace Corps in the Philippines, later spending time in Berkley, LA, New York and India. It was in the midst of a vow of silence that Adina found herself with a chalk-board on the doorstep of an observant family on a hilltop in Israel. She was finally home.

Adina lives in Tsfat with her husband, children and grandchildren. She enjoys executing secret Chessed missions, and articulating gratitude to Hashem with her son, as she tucks him into bed.

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