To My Sweet Beautiful Soul Sisters,


It's that time of the month again ladies... Yes, another fabulous opportunity to renew, refresh and rejoice. Especially now, with threats of the Corona virus occupying the news and our minds, a new influx of light and inspiration is so needed! At a time like this, all our generally “important” problems seem to fade into the backlight as we feel that deep-seated gratitude for our basic health surge from

within. This newsletter is sure to strengthen your spiritual and emotional immune system.


On that note, Happy Month-of-Adar! Every new Jewish month brings with it a whole new energy. Starting TODAY (Wednesday), we celebrate the refreshing arrival of the month of Adar. What an amazing new month whose main themes are: JOY and LAUGHTER! Why is happiness so essential? Because it lies at the very core of Judaism and is the key to inner growth and spiritual connection.


Now let me share with you, that Judaism has a secret about how to achieve this happiness. True happiness actually comes from within, contrary to what we see in most billboards and T.V. commercials, and is independent of all external factors. This week one of my children walked into the kitchen and looked incredibly sad.  My heart ached for him… I said, “Sweetheart, I see you look really sad and unhappy, what can I do to make you happy?”   He looked at me for a while and then said ever so wisely, “NOTHING.”  I was stunned by the raw truth of his words. You see, in our “quick fix” society our natural instinct is to try to numb pain or sadness as quickly as possible. The truth is, however, that you can't "buy" happiness anywhere or “get” happiness from someone else. Real, true happiness is actually self-sustainable. It's not about shopping more, acquiring more, or even achieving more. Rather, happiness is a process from within, an outcome of being content, present and with a balanced state of mind.


Laughter, joy, and true happiness all have the power to balance our minds, by breaking the borders and limitations of our constricted state (sadness). By laughing and being happy, we each can actually transform our lives!


What is the essence of laughter? It’s when in my present state and challenging moment I am able to see an unexpected GOOD unfolding. When I realize that by losing my job, I was led to the job of my dreams… I laugh! The word in Hebrew for laughter is צחוק - which implies, צא מהחוק Leave the limitations!


When our matriarch Sarah laughed, she "broke" the physical limitations of her post-menopausal, 90 year-old body. Her laughter opened up something so deep, affecting every fiber of her being. This endowed her with a new-found youthful energy, to the extent that she got pregnant with her single, beloved son, Yitzchak (literally meaning “he will laugh”!). When the mouth is opened up for true expression and real laughter, something deep inside is renewed and recreated— something deep inside is freed. 


As we know, every month is connected to an emotion. And indeed, the emotion of this month is laughter. I laugh at the totally unexpected. I laugh when I realize that in the darkest moments of my life were hints of the glimmering light that I am basking in now. If only I would have noticed, I would have been laughing then too...


So, take advantage of this window of opportunity during this special month! By magnifying our joy and happiness we open ourselves up to see the miracles in our lives. It says in Psalms, "In happiness you will go out," ("Ki Besimcha Taitzayhu"). The simple understanding of this phrase is that when you finally leave a dark, depressing reality you will be happy. When I finally loose that 20 pounds, I will be happy. But Rebbe Nachman reads it even deeper. Happiness is not just the outcome. Happiness is the engine. My internal happiness is the key that unlocks any constriction that I may be experiencing. It takes me out of isolated darkness, and activates the unimaginable good that is just waiting, lying latent in my life, ready to burst forth in awesome actuality.


May we all be blessed in this new month of Adar with many kinds of laughter, may we deepen our laughter, realizing that in my pain and darkness is hidden a huge light and joy about to be born. Blessing you to find the joy hidden in everything you do.


Elisheva and the Women of the Waters


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