The Golden Key to Happiness


How can I be happy, and laugh, when the disappointments of life seem to get me down?  

The key, explains Rabbi Nachman, is to focus on the good points -- the pure, untarnished, indestructible, utterly redeeming feature that exists in each and every one of us. No matter how low or depressed we feel, it is there.

We must dig inside and reclaim that image of who we are and change how we view others. I sometimes ask G-d to help me find that indestructible part in myself, and see that essence of goodness in others. When you look for it you will surely find it. Concentrate on it. Allow it to shine on you and make you lighter and happy. Then, even if you find yourself in the deepest, darkest pit without the slightest trace of hope or light - you will LAUGH!! And have this beacon of light to shine your way out.