Can You Feel the Power?


Queen Esther gives each and every one of us Jewish women wherever we are around the world, a sense of nobility and strength to unpeel and discover our unique aspect of "queen". One day a year, on Purim, Queen Esther's presence is tangible inside each and every one of us. On this day she is helping us, her Jewish sisters, to radiate and illuminate self-respect and our sense of royalty, into our homes and communities effecting a change in the entire world.

When we internalize this self-respect and majestic humility, we internalize our sense of Jewish pride; I am a Jewish Woman, and just like Queen Esther the future of the Jewish people is in my hands.

Our power begins inwards.


The Eight Things that every Queen Esther Knows:

  1. That she deserves the absolute best

  2. That she has absolute unconditional love for herself

  3. That there is overflowing good and abundance in her life

  4. That she has the power to choose good at every moment

  5. That every minute brings brand-new reality and insight

  6. That she is always protected

  7. That she has the power to nurture her mind, body, heart and soul

  8. That the entire world was created just for her!